Service offering

With the focus on servicing the residential, commercial and industrial markets, GWR Roofing offer the following services:

  • Installation of
    • manufactured timber trusses
    • timber posts and beams
    • T&G, isoboard and fibre cement exposed ceilings
    • roofing insulation
    • clay, cement or fibre cement roof tiles
    • sheeting (corrugated, Saflock, IBR)
    • side cladding
  • Onsite fabrication and installation of light weight steel roof trusses and walls
  • Onsite fabrication and installation of engineered bolted, loose rafter exposed trusses/roofs
  • Roof maintenance
    • Re-roof – batten and underlay replacement
    • Re-roof – purlin and sheeting installation
  • Structural roof repairs – as per an engineer’s remedial report
  • General roofing or timber construction related issues

GWR roofing is a leading roofing organisation that offers continuous, superior service and products to private home owners, property developers and builders, in order to create sustainable growth through positive relations.